Healing Stone™ Technology

V I R T U A L L Y   N O   D A M A G E

GlamPalm® Magic Series™ combines state-of-the-art technology and the exclusive Healing Stone™ to create a well-being tool that results in vibrant, healthy hairstyles.

GlamPalm® Magic Series™, the world’s newest, most advanced professional salon tools and appliances, empower stylists to transform an ordinary hair care regimen into the ultimate wellness and healing experience.
Exclusive Healing Stone™ technology permeates the custom ceramic plates of each GlamPalm Styling Tool, offering superior usability, control, and proven protection resulting in breathtakingly beautiful and shiny, healthy hair.

“Healing Stone
Technology is one of nature’s unique gifts. It’s extraordinary healing qualities balance the natural state of the body, while cleansing, healing and protecting it from free radicals,” said Koen Verelst, Managing Director, GlamPalm Australia. “With GlamPalm Styling Tools, stylists can enjoy the highest quality working tools while creating precision styles and increasing the vitality and health of their client’s hair.”

For centuries, the untapped power of the Healing Stone, whose natural purifying and healing properties have long been linked to longevity and vitality, was hidden deep in the mountains of South Korea.

Today, GlamPalm, the exclusive owner of the Healing Stone mines, infuses this into its world-class Styling Tools for an exceptional therapeutic benefit. A proprietary plating process allows the tools to emit high levels of far infrared rays and anions, odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules that are breathed abundantly in mountain, beach, and aquatic environments.

Anions, or negative ions, are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, relieving stress and boosting energy.

Additionally, anions help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair, minimizing damage to hair’s keratin and producing smooth, shiny and healthy-looking hair.

• Tested on women with healthy hair who were in their twenties by the Hair and Scalp Laboratory of H University.
• Test results showed that after using a competitor’s iron, there was damage to the hair and a breakdown of the cuticle.
• After using GlamPalm, there was little damage to the hair and the overall condition of the hair was scientifically proven to be nearly identical to its condition prior to testing.

Hair styled with GlamPalm is
scientifically proven to have
“almost no hair damage”.


The dream of virtually
no hair damage
made a reality by GlamPalm.

One of the comments we got after conducting a survey to GlamPalm users, was that their hair was glossier and less damaged with GlamPalm compared with other products. GlamPalm users stated that they finally could grow their hair again!
To scientifically prove this opinion, we requested a university laboratory to conduct independent testing.
The degree and extent of hair damage caused by hair irons was measured by the Hair and Scalp Laboratory of H University over women in their twenties with healthy hair; one used GlamPalm and the other a product from competitor A (anodizing heat plate); another couple used GlamPalm and another product from competitor A (ceramic coated hair iron) everyday for 4 weeks.