Q. What is the difference between each model?

Model Plate width Temp. Control Cord Type Additional Features Voltage Rating
SimpleTouch 24mm 2 Settings 360o Swivel Touch Activation - For General Use 220-240 V
GP101 16mm 11 Settings 3D Swivel* For Very Short Hair - Straightening and Curling 100-240 V
GP201 24mm 11 Settings 3D Swivel* For Short or Fine Hair - Straightening and Curling 100-240 V
GP313 32mm 11 Settings 3D Swivel* Best for Straightening and Waves 100-240 V
GP501 40mm 11 Settings 3D Swivel* For Long and/or Thick Hair - Straightening and Curling 100-240 V
CLINIC 24mm 10 Settings + Clinic Mode 3D Swivel* Nano-Vibration Mode - Most Versatile Original Styler for Home and Professional Use 100-240 V

*Rotates 360° around a swivelling pivot for three dimensional freedom of movement

Q. Should I register my product?
  • Yes! Registering your product let you check if the product is genuine or not. If not genuine we will contact you immediately. It also activates your 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the Classic/Signature irons and one-year manufacturer’s warranty for all other tools.
    Be sure to keep your receipt for future reference. We are aware that some manuals of the Classic/Signature irons still state one year warranty however all our Classic/Signature irons come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.
Q. Can GlamPalm products be used overseas?
  • All Classic/Signature stylers can be used anywhere in the world.
Q. How should GlamPalm styling irons be cared for?
  • Always turn off and unplug the styling iron after use.
  • Clean the plates of any residue, use the heat resistant cap to protect your styling iron from physical damage.
  • Wrap the cord using the cable tie to avoid wearing out the cord.
  • Please store in the heat resistant pouch when not in use.
Q. Can GlamPalm styling irons make waves and curls?
  • Yes! The styling irons can make a variety of curls, waves and textures depending on the model. The exact shape will depend on:
    • Special ceramic plate width
    • Shape of the ceramic plate
    • Shape of the barrel
  • Explore and find your own unique style with the line of GlamPalm styling irons.
Q. How do i get the best results using the GlamPalm?
  • Turn on your product using the ON/OFF switch.
  • Select the desired temperature. Guidelines can be found on this website.
  • Section about 1 inch of hair
    • When straightening, with a comb slowly pass the GlamPalm through your hair together in one time.
    • When curling, slowly curl inwards or outwards. When the curl does not hold well try a higher temperature setting until the desired result has been achieved.
  • The slower you pass the iron through your hair the better as the Healing Stone plates are treating your hair.
Q. What is the warranty period?
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase, for any defects from the manufacturing process on all Classic Series products, all other products include the standard one-year warranty.
  • The warranty does not cover any damage from accidents, misuse, tampering, neglecting safety precautions or other unforeseeable usage.
    For more information see our terms & conditions.
Q. Why is the iron beeping although no lights are on?
  • The iron is in sleep mode (after 30 minutes), and is letting you know by beeping. It will shut off completely after 10 minutes in hibernation mode or just press the temperature button to return to the desired temperature.
Q. Is it normal that the Clinic Diamond White discolors?
  • Yes, this is totally normal. Unfortunately on a white colored product everything is visible such as any stains, heat stains, dust, dirt,...
    If you want to avoid this we would recommend opting for the Midnight Black. We also could change the body of the Diamond White at a small service cost.
Q. What should I do if something is wrong with my product?
  • Contact customer service at info@glampalm.com.au – they will help you and explain you how easy and fast the process is.
Q. My GlamPalm Clinic makes a slight humming or low/high frequency noise?
  • This is due to the sound of a muffled motor that controls the Vibration Mode. You will hear this the moment you plug in the iron regardless if the Vibration Mode is on or off...
    It is perfectly normal and lessens over time!
Q. I’m interested in becoming a distributor or sales rep. What should I do?
  • Please contact us at info@glampalm.com.au  We are currently looking for sales reps around the country.
Q. I'm a hairdresser or MUA, can I order just one or two at trade price?
  • Yes you can! Just click on "Cosmetologists" on the bottom right on this page and fill out the form. After approval you will have acces to trade pricing 24/7 and order as you like.
Q. GlamPalm products come with Express Shipping, What is Express Shipping?
  • Australia: All orders receive before 2pm (AEST) will be dispatched the same day. For metropolitan cities, your product might be delivered the next business day. For rural areas allow two or more business days.
  • New Zealand: All orders received before 2pm (AEST) will be dispatched the same day. For metropolitan cities in New Zealand your product will be delivered within 4-6 business days. Normal New Zealand shipping will take 5-7 business days.
  • Please add an extra business day if you have chosen to have your product engraved.
Q. If I have a question not addressed in this FAQ, who can be contacted?
  • Please contact customer care at info@glampalm.com.au.